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copper conductorsCopper Conductors
elastronElastron® Compounds
electric cable compoundsECC Elastomeric Polyolefin Compounds
ethylene vinyl acetateEthylene Vinyl Acetate Compounds
flooding and filling compoundsFlooding & Filling Compounds
masterbatch compoundsMasterbatch Compounds
Nylon resinNylon Extrusion Resin
Polybutylene terephthalatePolybutylene Terephthalate
PVC compoundsPVC Compounds
polyethylenePolyolefin Compounds
wire and cable tapesTapes - Steel/Aluminum,
TPE compoundsTPE Compounds
TPU compoundsTPU Compounds
wire and cable

Product Catalog

T&T Marketing sells a wide variety of wire and cable products which puts us in the unique position of being a single-source supplier to our customers.

Our product catalog includes the following types of compounds. Select a compound type for more detailed information.

Compound Type Description
Copper Conductors Bare and Tin-Plated Copper, Bunched Constructions, Various Reel Sizes.
ECC Elastomeric Polyolefin Compounds Elastomeric polyolefin based compounds for medium/high voltage as well as certain low voltage flame retardant applications.
Elastron® Compounds SEBS and TPO Elastomers, General Purpose TPV Grades, Non-lead, RoHS Compliant, and Flame Retardant TPV Grades and Non-Halogen Flame Retardant TPV Grades.
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Compounds Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) compounds have good processability, transparency, heat retention, low temperature sealing characteristics, resilience and foaming properties. Available in a wide range of vinyl acetate content and melt index.
Flooding & Filling Compounds Flooding and filling compounds for optical fiber cable.
Fluoropolymers A family of plastic materials with exceptional heat and UV resistance properties. Excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Used for low coefficient of friction specialty coatings.
Masterbatch Compounds Designed to enhance cable performance to achieve sunlight resistance, impart track resistance, protect cable cables from copper induced degradation, improve the economics of the Monosil® process and achieve ambient moisture cure.
Nylon Extrusion Resin Wire jacketing; Provides mechanical protection for the insulation.
Polybutylene Terephthalate PBT is primarily used for buffer tubes in some fiber optic cable designs.
PVC Compounds PVC jacketing compounds, general purpose extrusion, automotive molding, insulation, coax/telecom applications, and non-lead stabilized flexible PVC compounds.
Polyolefin Compounds Polyethylene and Polypropylene based compounds including Moisture Cure, XLPE, and Non-Halogen compounds.
Tapes - Steel/Aluminum,
Coated and Bare Aluminum and Steel Tapes, Water-Blocking Tapes, AL/PET Foil and Polyester Film.
TPE Compounds A family of flame-retardant grades, some of which are dynamically crosslinked. These compounds have a good balance of physical and aging properties.
TPU Compounds Thermoplastic polyurethanes used in W&C applications when high flexibility/elasticity, excellent abrasion resistance, very good cut resistance, high bending stability, and halogen-free characteristics are needed.