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T & T Masterbatch Compounds

T & T Marketing offers a range of masterbatch compounds designed to enhance cable performance. These are added at a low percentage ranging from 2 to 5%, in the same manner a color concentrate would be added. Masterbatches are available to achieve sunlight resistance, impart track resistance, protect cables from copper induced degradation, improve the economics of the Monosil® process and achieve ambient moisture cure.

Masterbatch Compounds

Compound Density
Description Data Sheet SDS
PR 20031.30 A linear low density polyolefin concentrate which when blended at 5% with HDPE base resin and various moisture cure resins, offers an excellent balance of ultraviolet protection and track resistance. Available in Black and Grey.
TT 102 MD0.949 A high performing metal deactivator masterbatch designed for use with natural polyethylene resins used to make wire and cable jackets and insulations where these products will be in direct contact with copper conductors.  
TT 102 UV0.957 A high performing natural UV masterbatch designed for use with natural polyethylene resins used for jacketing and insulations and moisture curable systems in applications where the wire or cable will have exposure to direct sunlight and weather conditions.  
TT 107M1.28 A black masterbatch containing grafting initiators, catalyst and novel ambient cure technology for use in modified Monosil cable extrusion. TT 107M provides effective long term UV weather resistance.