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polymer testing lab

T&T  Polymer  Testing  Lab

T&T Marketing opened an R&D and Technical Service Lab in 2011. The lab is located in Easton, PA (halfway between Philadelphia and Newark, NJ). It is equipped to support customer processing needs, trouble-shooting and analysis of wire samples and screenpacks.

The T&T lab will also be used to perform the research and development of new products to enable us to meet a greater variety of customer needs.

View the video to the right to learn about the extensive testing and analytical capabilities that our lab as to offer.

wire and cable  Lab Capabilities

     •  UL 94 Testing

     •  UL 44 VW-1 Testing

     •  Low Temperature Brittlepoint Testing

     •  Flex Modulus (ASTM D790)

     •  Tape Extrusion, Mixing

     •  Specific Gravity

     •  Moisture Content

     •  Physical Properties

     •  Heat Aging (Temperature Ratings 105°C)

     •  Oil Res Testing

     •  Extrusion Output Capabilities

     •  QC/QA Data: MFR, Density, T&E

     •  Particle Size Determination

     •  Trouble-shooting

     •  Reverse Engineering

wire and cable testing

wire and cable equipment  Lab Equipment

     •  Tensile Tester

     •  Pycnometer

     •  Melt Flow Rate Tester

     •  Ovens

     •  Rheometers

     •  Oxygen Index Tester

     •  Mixing Capability

wire and cable