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Shandong Huaxia FEP Resin

Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) is a co-polymer of TFE and HFP. It has excellent thermal stability, outstanding inertness, superior electric insulation performance and low coefficient of friction. Applications include airline, aerospace, train, auto switch, oil well test equipment, fire alarm system, high building wire and cable. Special use in thin wire insulation by high-speed extrusion.

Melt Flow Index g/10min Tensile Strength mpa Elongation at Break % Melting Point
Data Sheet SDS
TTFEP2 2.16 0.8 ~ 2.0 ≥ 30 ≥ 350 265 FEP 2 technical data sheet FEP 2 technical data sheet
TTFEP4 2.16 2.4 ~ 4.0 ≥ 25 ≥ 300 265FEP 4 technical data sheet FEP 4 technical data sheet
TTFEP5 2.15 6.0 ~ 7.0 ≥ 25 ≥ 300 265 FEP 6 technical data sheet FEP 6 technical data sheet
TTFEP6 2.16 8.0 ~ 10.0 ≥ 25 ≥ 300 265 FEP 6 technical data sheet FEP 6 technical data sheet
TTFEP15 2.16 12 ~ 15 ≥ 20 ≥ 300 265 FEP 6 technical data sheet FEP 6 technical data sheet
TTFEP20 2.14 20.0 ~ 24.0 ≥ 23 ≥ 300 265FEP 20 technical data sheet FEP 20 technical data sheet
TTFEP30 2.16 28.0 ~ 30.0 ≥ 19 ≥ 250 265FEP 30 technical data sheet FEP 30 technical data sheet
TTFEP30-H 2.15 28.0 ~ 30.0 ≥ 17.2 ≥ 250 260FEP 20 technical data sheet FEP 20 technical data sheet
TTFEP5-SC 2.15 4.0 ~ 6.0 ≥ 33.6 ≥ 340 265FEP 30 technical data sheet FEP 30 technical data sheet
TTFEP9-SC 2.15 7.0 ~ 10.0 ≥ 33.8 ≥ 342 265FEP 20 technical data sheet FEP 20 technical data sheet

Fluon® Melt Processable Compounds from AGC Chemicals Americas

A family of plastic materials with exceptional heat and UV resistance properties. Excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Used for low coefficient of friction specialty coatings. Compounds are based upon resins: FEP, ETFE, PFA, PVDF and ECTFE. Application areas include: tubing, insulation jacketing, exterior / architectural coatings, and plenum data cables.

Additional Fluon® product information, as well as Technical Data and MSDS documents may be consulted for more detailed information.

Type Description
Color Concentrates Used for color-coded wire insulation, tubing and molded parts. Available in ten colors. Properties include superb surface finish, color consistency and dispersion (including high-speed production runs of 1,500-2,500 ft/min).
Foam Concentrates Designed for gas injection foaming used for manufacture of LAN and coaxial cables. The properties of a foamed insulation help minimize signal loss, enchance high-speed data transmission and save weight and material.
Cross Linkables For insulating air frame, industrial and shipboard wiring, heat-shrinkable tubing used in environments where high temperature, abrasion resistance or shrinkage are important considerations.
Conductives For control of heat and static electricity. Wire coated with a conductive may be used to wrap and thaw frozen pipes or to locate pipeline leaks by detecting thermal change.
Glass Filled Glass filled composites incorporate glass mineral filters for enhanced dimensional stability, abrasion resistance, shrinkage resistance, and thermal conductivity characteristics.
Lubricated Contain lubricious fillers such as PTFE and FEP. For uses in car or truck brake cables where a cable's liner needs to have a low-friction, abrasion-resistant surface.
Compression & Roto Molding Powder blends used in a variety of applications including tapes and molded parts.

Fluon® is a registered trademark of AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.

Other Services

Tolling capabilities and scrap purchases are available in addition to the following fluoropolymer compounds.

Type Description
FEP Natural, high and low melt; Wide-spec and reprocessed.
PFA Reprocessed natural and off-natural.
ETFE (Tefzel) Natural, reprocessed.
PVDF (Kynar) Natural, reprocessed.