T&T  Marketing
Operating Principles
t&t principlesCustomer comes first
t&t principlesListen to the customer
t&t principlesPersistent communication
t&t principlesResponse is essential
t&t principlesEthics are essential
t&t principlesConvey a positive attitude
t&t principlesFollow-up is essential
T&T  Marketing
t&t marketingBroad experience
t&t marketingSupplier knowledge
t&t marketingCustomer focused
t&t marketingLong-term relationships
t&t marketingNew account development
t&t marketingCost savings for suppliers

T&T  Company  Overview

T&T Marketing was formed in June of 1988 as a "Sole Proprietorship". The company's initial objectives were to consult in sales and marketing for the Wire & Cable Industry.

In 1989, T&T became a corporation and changed its objectives from a consulting firm to a sales representation and distribution company supplying chemical compounds to the Wire & Cable Industry. Recently, we have expanded our services to include compounding capabilities in order to meet our customers' specific requirements.

T&T Marketing maintains seven distribution warehouses in the United States and Canada - on the East Coast (Massachusetts and New Jersey), in the Central USA (Chicago), on the West Coast (Los Angeles), in Texas (Dallas and El Paso) and in Belleville, Ontario (Canada). We have also established sales representation agreements with several major companies in the wire and cable industry.

T&T Marketing is staffed by experienced, highly-qualified professionals, who are strategically located throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America. They have a proven track-record of success for the clients they represent.