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Aurora Plastics

With a location in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, Aurora Plastics is a premier USA developer and manufacturer of advanced polymer compounds customized for customers for a variety of applications. Aurora offers a vast array of CPE alloys, LSZH, TPE and TPR formulations. In addition, Aurora offers PE based flame retardant concentrates, UV and blowing agent concentrates. They are also a leading producer of compounds that require exacting color match.

When it comes to reliability and quality, Aurora prides themselves on design, technical service and quality of their products. Aurora Plastics’ manufacturing facilities are certified ISO 9001-2015 with Design and as a result, have set the industry benchmark for product quality and lot-to-lote consistency. For more information, data sheets, samples or quotes, please click here.

CPE Grades

Compound Hardness Temp Rating Brittle Point PSI Tensile Elongation LOI
CPE 12-020
AuroraFlex™ Thermoplastic
83A90°C-36°C 220044037
CPE 14-009
AuroraFlex™ Thermoplastic
82A90°C-55°C 165076032
CPE 14-035
AuroraFlex™ Thermoplastic
85A90°C-50°C 190070029.5
CPE 14-031
AuroraFlex™ Irradiation Crosslinkable
71A90°C-50°C 240045033
CPE 13-021E
AuroraFlex™ Irradiation Crosslinkable
88A105°C-50°C 170074030.5

TPE/TPR Grades

Compound Hardness Temp Rating Brittle Point PSI Tensile Elongation LOI
AuroraPrene™ EXC-12 003-75A75A125°C-70°C 490065021
AuroraPrene™ EXC-1202978105°C-55°C 228086118
AuroraPrene™ 1506482105°C-53°C 208583928.5
AuroraPrene™ 10560B65 -53°C 232885118
AuroraGuard™ GTPO8102ROHS
Appliance, ribbon and heat trace wire
92105°C -45°C160050027
AuroraFlex™ GTPE2203G
Oil res, 7 xdays at 60°C
63A105°C -53°C171035026.5
AuroraFlex™ GTPE2272-6500FR
Oil res, 4 days at 100°C
72A105°C -60°C180030034

LSZH Grades - AuroraGuard™ Non-halogen materials

Compound Density Temp Rating Brittle Point PSI Tensile Elongation LOI
Conventional non-halogen grade; insulation or jacket
1.39105°C -55°C200021036
Conventional non-halogen grade
1.34105°C-62°C 155032029.5
Conventional non-halogen grade;
Available as thermoplastic and Irradiation crosslinkable versions; Passes transit specs
1.36105°C-51°C 180022035.5
Intumescent non-halogen grade
1.15105°C-60°C 230060043

PVC Plenum Compound

Compound Hardness Temp Rating Cold Blend PSI Tensile Elongation LOI
AuroraFlex™ FS-1000H6685°C-20°C 250015051.5